Winter is fun for little kids because there are so many new clothing items to add to their routines. Take advantage of the change in seasons to help preschool through first-grade students learn Spanish winter vocabulary, directions, shape recognition, and more! With more than 40 pages of activities that target learning goals for PK-1st, your kids are sure to enjoy learning Spanish while having fun at the same time.

Looking for something free for older students and learners? Try a free Spanish prepositions unit, complete with videos, activities, and more, from our friends at Spanish School for Kids.

Free Downloadable PK Spanish Pack
Downloadable Winter PK-1st Spanish Activities Pack

Learning Focus

  • Acquiring new Spanish winter vocabulary
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing Spanish numbers 1-10
  • Developing and improving fine motor skills, including tracing, cutting, gluing, etc.
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing Spanish directions (i.e., left, right, etc.)
  • Working with Spanish numbers via ten-cards (cuadros de diez), basic addition, and numbers-as-words versus numerals
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing the alphabet and individual letters with a specific focus on the letter/vowel C and related words
  • Conceptualizing and differentiating squares and rectangles both as stand-alone shapes and as objects

Spanish Vocabulary

These winter Spanish activities for preschool through first grade expand or contract depending upon student readiness. There are two free versions to download below. One has all-Spanish directions, and the other uses bilingual/scaffolded instructions with added Spanish-to-English vocabulary pages for instructors and parents.

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of any of the words, check out the free pronunciation videos on For example, here is a video for invierno, which is Spanish for winter. Looking for another word? Simply type the word into the search bar on that link, and you’ll usually find a pronunciation video.

  • Winter Spanish vocabulary: bota, bufanda, copo de nieve, gorro, guante, invierno, regalo, reno
  • Spanish numbers 1-9 and math: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve; cuadros de diez, números, sumar
  • Fine motor skills vocabulary and directions, such as: cortar, pegar, trazar, tijeras, etc.
  • Relative Spanish directions/prepositions: abajo, arriba, derecha, izquierda
  • Spanish alphabet/letters: letra c, la ce
  • Spanish shapes: cuadro, cuadrado, rectángulo, rectangular

What’s Included

This winter Spanish preschool through first-grade activities download is designed for black-and-white printing. Nearly the entire pack is colorable. Kids will have a blast customizing the pages.

Relative Directions page from the Winter Spanish Preschool Activities
Relative Directions

Basic Spanish Directions

Up, down, left, right. These are some of the most useful Spanish words. After all, it’s pretty tough to follow directions without knowing which corner to turn at or which side of the paper to write your name on. This pack includes both basic worksheet-style pages and interactive activities.

Example of "Puedo contar hasta" numbers page
Spanish Numbers

Here we cover and work extensively with Spanish numbers 1-9. The practice is both implicit and explicit so that kids don’t get bored but still cycle through the numbers several times.

Ten-frames, tallies, visualizing numbers, and learning to count on hands are all helpful for developing early math literacy, and this pack covers all these and more. There’s also an introductory page that breaks down addition into easy steps.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

In the Spanish winter preschool and kindergarten activities pack, you’ll find lots of important skills practice, such as tracing, finishing patterns, cutting, lacing, and more.

Rompecabezas divertido
Spanish Vocabulary for Winter

This pack covers the basics, such as the term invierno, for frigid winter months. Depending upon where you live and your current season, you may have many months to learn and practice this vocabulary.

Letter C in Spanish

Letter C is a fun for kids to form, and mastering it gives learners a primer for similar letter parts, such as O, D, etc. Here we also point out the letter C in numbers so that learning is integrated and has natural transition points for learning over different lessons and days, if desired.

Example Winter Spanish Preschool Activities Page:  Discern between la Letra C and similar letters
Learners discern between the letter C and similar letters
Square Versus Rectangles

Little kids sometimes find it difficult to discern between rectangles and squares. However, the more kids practice, the better they do. Therefore, this download starts with the simple concepts, offers lots of fun practice, and ends with applying skills to one of kids’ favorite things: presents (regalos).

Example of interactive cuadros versus rectángulos page from Winter Spanish Preschool Activities pack
Squares versus rectangles with REGALOS

Below we’ve outlined some ideas for this fun winter Spanish preschool activities pack. If you have a great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below.

Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Choose All-Spanish or Bilingual Directions

Even if your Spanish is rusty or you’ve never spoken a word of Spanish, we have you covered! There are two free downloadable versions below, one bilingual with vocabulary pages for reference and one in Spanish. Never fear! Your pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect. Dive right in!

Pacing and Reusing

You may find this is a great pack to spread out over a few days or a week. Learners acquire and retain language better when they move through vocabulary and lessons several times in small increments.

To reuse the pages, consider dry-erase markers and lamination, inexpensive sheet protectors like the ones that go in binders, or clear contact paper. This works especially well for classrooms and multiple students. Just write, swipe, and switch (or store and save for another learner, class, etc.).

Example of Winter Preschool Spanish Activities:  Identify la ropa de invierno
Head outside when it’s cold for real-world practice
Head Outside

If you’re like me, being cold probably isn’t your favorite thing. But, there’s no better way to practice winter clothing vocabulary than to actually put on outerwear. With littles who need help, you have the opportunity to repeat the clothing vocabulary over and over again. This is also a great opportunity to work through singular versus plural vocabulary and singular versus plural articles.

Versión corta en español

Casi llega el invierno y ahora tenemos la oportunidad practicar el vocabulario de invierno. Este imprimible gratuito contiene más de 40 páginas de actividades para, además de divertirnos, practicar siete cosas importantes (nivel preescolar o de kínder):

  • El vocabulario de invierno
  • Los números 1-9 en español
  • Las habilidades motoras finas
  • Los colores básicos en español
  • La letra C
  • Las palabras de nociones espaciales
  • Dos formas (2D) claves

Also Available in English!

Try this pack in English!

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