Sometimes it’s the simple things that get the job done, and “Veo, veo” is absolutely one of those things. This is the first in a series of “Veo, veo” posts where we offer you free, easy, and super fun worksheets that both teach and entertain. This edition is a printable Veo, Veo for taxis, which are a common form of transport in many countries around the world, including Latin America. Here we focus on Spanish colors and numbers (0-5), but in future editions, we’ll expand into many other vocabulary arenas. Have a special request? Let us know in the comments or contact us here, and we’ll do our best!

Learning Focus

  • Reviewing or acquiring Spanish vocabulary
  • Developing or practicing visual discrimination of objects of differing sizes and colors
  • Using fine motor skills to circle or “x” objects
  • Counting in Spanish
  • Working with more than one page as one task

Spanish Vocabulary

Veo, veo” is the Spanish-language equivalent of playing “I Spy.” This fun sheet mimics the game your learners already probably know and love. We also included lots of color variants, too, so that you can teach the way you prefer. For example, prefer pardo to café, púrpura to morado? They’re here. Check out the full list below.

  • Spanish numbers 0-5: los números, cero, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco
  • Spanish colors: los colores, amarillo, anaranjado, naranja, azul, blanco, gris, morado, púrupura, negro, rojo, rosado, rosa, verde, café, pardo, marrón
  • el taxi, los taxis, veo

What’s Included

This is a simple but effective pack, broken down as follows:

  • Handout: Los colores
  • Handout: Los números (0-5)
  • Veo, veo taxi picture page
  • Worksheet: Color version of student answer sheet for Veo, veo page
  • Worksheet: Ink-saver version of student answer sheet for Veo, veo page
  • Answer Page

Using the Veo, Veo Printable

While this is a fairly simple printable, we know each learning situation is different, so we built-in some flexibility. If your kids are learning their numerals, there’s room in the boxes on the answer sheet. If your learners are full writers and are ready to identify both Spanish colors and numbers, there is room in the boxes to write full answers, too. We’ve also included a “teacher’s answers sheet” so that you don’t have to hunt the correct responses. Unless you want to, of course!

If you have lots of learners, multiple classes, or just like to re-use printables, we’ve found lamination, clear sheet protectors, which work great in binders, or even gallon-sized plastic bags work well. These options allow you to use dry-erase markers and to store the pages for re-use.

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Also Available in English!

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