Some worksheets are workhorses, and this is one of them. My favorite way to use the telaraña de palabras is for verb conjugation races, but there are many other ways to use them for virtually any learning level or classroom.

Ideas for Use

Below we’ve outlined some great ideas for using these worksheets, but if you have another idea or a great experience to share, we’d love to hear from you! Just leave us a comment below or contact us here.

Verb Conjugation Races

There are two telaraña de palabras versions attached–one has more white space for younger students or for using without vosotros(as). Either way, you can write six verbs on the board, pass around verb cards, ask students to take dictation and write them on the worksheets near the webs, and more.

Then, off to the races! Even students who dislike grammar and verb drills tend to get motivated to win. But, don’t forget to tell learners that anything illegible doesn’t count.

Spelling, Vocabulary Lists, and More

Cute way to give a spelling test? Check! Adorable way to have students take vocabulary dictation? Absolutely! A way to get students to write sentences without complaining that they have to write a whole paragraph? Ask them to fill their webs with five or six-word sentences, which equals a paragraph. Bwahaha. Teacher for the win.

Independent Drills and Studying

Learners sometimes want to drill themselves or to just do wrote practice to get a verb down. These are great worksheets for students to use on their own or in independent learning centers.

Substitute or Early-Finish Fillers

While running verb races won’t and shouldn’t last a full period, these are so easy to pull out when you have a little extra class time or to add to a substitute folder or binder.

Quizzes or Student-to-Student Checking

There’s a ton of information out there about good grading practices, but sometimes students just need very specific, very concrete feedback. This worksheet is a fun way to give a quiz. Cute visuals are often enough to distract from typical quiz or drill whining, mixing it up, which is an all-around winning situation.

Not wanting to grade anything else or to give a quiz? Use this worksheet for student-to-student checking. Few kids can resist taking a correcting pen to their friends’ work, which gives students feedback without wearing you or your evenings out.

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