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Free Spanish Digraph Gu Worksheet

Gee! Geh! Gwah! Gwoh! While that probably reads like an opera star’s vocal exercises, the words are actually the English equivalent of different sound combinations for the Spanish digraph Gu. The actual sound “GU” makes in Spanish depends upon the consonant or vowel following the “gu.” El dígrafo Gu is […]

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Free Digraph RR Spanish Worksheet

Meet the “trill-iest” Spanish digraph: RR. La erre doble (or la doble erre) is both the reason for the fantastic “rrrrrrr” sound in Spanish and also one of the biggest sources of non-native speakers’ mispronunciations. Sound complicated? We’re here to help! Plus, you can download a free digraph RR Spanish […]

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Free Digraph Ch Spanish Worksheet

The year was 1994, and Ace of Base was ruling the airwaves. More people were dialing-up and getting online, and questions of alphabetization, computer algorithms, and indexing were circling the globe. This was especially true of alphabetization in languages with “double letters,” like Spanish. For example, where should you put […]

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