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Free Spanish Letter J Worksheet

Childhood is filled with “J” words, at least in Spanish. «Jugar» means “to play.” «Juguetes» are toys. And, of course, «jirafas» are pretty self-explanatory and fascinating. If your learner needs Spanish letter J practice, this free worksheet is for you! Pronunciation The “official” name of the Spanish “J” is «la […]

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Free Spanish Letter H Worksheet

«El hombre fue al hospital». Even if you missed all the other words in that sentence, you probably caught the word “hospital.” In Spanish, “hospital” also starts with “H,” which is called «la hache». «La hache» is an important Spanish letter, but like a hospital, often sits there silently until […]

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Letra G free printable

Free Spanish Letter G Worksheet

Animals, cookies, and music-making, oh, my! Some of children’s favorite things begin with “G” in Spanish: gatos (cats), galletas (cookies), and guitarras (guitars). “G” is also one of the most difficult letters for children to learn to write, so they often need lots of practice writing and visualizing it. This […]

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Letra F free printable

Free Spanish Letter F Worksheet

Some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring things in life start with “F” in both Spanish and English: familia (family), flores (flowers), frutas (fruit), and even fuego (fire). This free Spanish Letter F worksheet is designed to help learners practice this important letter, la letra efe o consonante efe, while […]

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