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Free Spanish Letter L Worksheet

La, ella, él, el, ellos, ellas. What do these important Spanish words have in common? The need for the letter “L!” Help learners access these important pronouns and articles by practicing the letter “L” in this free Spanish Letter L worksheet. Pronunciation The “official” name of the Spanish “L” is […]

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Free Spanish Letter J Worksheet

Childhood is filled with “J” words, at least in Spanish. «Jugar» means “to play.” «Juguetes» are toys. And, of course, «jirafas» are pretty self-explanatory and fascinating. If your learner needs Spanish letter J practice, this free worksheet is for you! Pronunciation The “official” name of the Spanish “J” is «la […]

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Letra A Gratis Para Imprimir

Free Spanish I Worksheet — Letra I / Vocal I

Imagination is one of the most precious things about childhood. Give kids a chance to discuss the words in their imaginations with this Spanish I worksheet. It offers practice with letter formation and key vocabulary. Pronunciation The “official” name of the Spanish “I” is «la i», but you might also […]

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Free Spanish Letter H Worksheet

«El hombre fue al hospital». Even if you missed all the other words in that sentence, you probably caught the word “hospital.” In Spanish, “hospital” also starts with “H,” which is called «la hache». «La hache» is an important Spanish letter, but like a hospital, often sits there silently until […]

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