Summer! Whether your learners are at home or in summer school, puzzles are a great way to learn something new or practice prior learning so that it’s not lost. Plus, when it feels like a thousand degrees outside, educational puzzles are the perfect indoor activity for cooling off and taking things down a few notches. These super-fun Spanish numbers puzzles for summer are designed for PK-1st (preschool through first grade), but they can be used with nearly any age, including teenagers. As a bonus, these puzzles are colorable, which is another fantastic way to pass time indoors during the hottest hours of the day.

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

The summer puzzles focus on Spanish numbers 0-9. Our learning goals are:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 0-9)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words cero-nueve)
  • Number recognition as tallies (e.g., I, II, III, IIII, etc.)
  • Five-groupings
  • Gross-motor skills practice with large puzzles
  • Simple puzzle shape recognition
  • Fine-motor skills practice with cut puzzle pieces
  • (Optional) Cutting practice
  • (Optional) Coloring practice

Ways to Use the Spanish Numbers Puzzles for Summer

If it’s summer where you’re, this is the perfect opportunity to pull out some frozen treats or watermelon. This is completely optional, of course, but I find that kids enjoy working a puzzle if they have a sweet treat, too. Needing to hold still to eat something generally slows their tempos and allows focus. Note, though, that you might considering lamination, clear contact paper, or even clear packing tape if you’re going to add sticky things. Another idea is to use the leftover watermelon seeds for extended counting practice.

If you have very young kids, the pieces of the Spanish numbers puzzles can be used as whole-groupings. If your learners are older or more advanced, you can break the puzzles into two pieces in order to focus on matching Spanish numbers words (e.g., uno, dos, etc.) with their numerals and tallies. For even more practice, try breaking the puzzles into threes.

If you’re looking for more puzzles, you can find some here and even some self-correcting ones on our Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Looking for something specific and not seeing it? We’d love to hear from you about your learning needs and what would help you in your learning environment.

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Download Your Spanish Numbers Puzzles Below

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