It’s finally here! Like we talked about in the English-version’s post, I know how tight teachers’, homeschoolers’, and churches’ budgets are, so I started this blog to share as many free printables with you all as possible. And, ultimately, I knew I wanted to post lots of religious-related ones, too. Tada! Free Spanish 7 Days of Creation printables, as well as lots of ideas for using them, below.

Religion not your thing? No hard feelings! We have oodles and oodles of free, non-religious printables in English and in Spanish/Bilingual.

What’s This Pack All About?

In the beginning . . . This is a Spanish 7 days of creation pack, so it focuses on Genesis 1-2:3. It can be used for carefully planned lessons or as quicker lessons for homeschools, Sunday schools, synagogues, co-ops, religious schools, or even Spanish class in religious schools.

With help, kids as young as three can have fun with this, but it also works for everyone else, including adults. To save ink, pick-and-choose which pages to print so that you’re just printing what you need for your situation.

Learning Focus

  • Bible Part: El Antiguo Testamento / La Torá
  • Book: Génesis
  • Chapters and Verses: Génesis 1-2:3
  • Theme: La creación
  • Additional learning areas: Los números cardinales y ordinales; días de la semana

The Nitty Gritty

  • Number of Pages: 51
  • Available in: Color; black and white
  • Appropriate ages: 3 to adult
  • Other languages: English here

Special Note

Do Sabbath on a day other than Sunday? No problem. Check the extra pages for the alternative versions. We hope this pack will work for you no matter which day you celebrate Sabbath, worship, or a day of rest.

How to Use the Free Genesis 7 Days of Creation Printable

Check out some below ideas for how to use this printable pack. As mentioned above, we designed this download to be flexible so that you can use it with almost any age group. If you have another great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below.

Introduction and Memorization of Creation Days

The core of this download is mastering the order and occurrences of the 7 days of creation. To make things easier and in case you’re like me and need a refresher, there’s a fast index to look up the verses, the actual verses in RVA-1909 (because the original copy is in the public domain), a worksheet for each day, and optional manipulable blocks.

To make these as flexible as possible, you’ll find manipuable blocks that can be used with the work mats, or you can use the pages as “blanks” and have students write or draw what they remember. Check out the pictures for some sample ideas.

Optional: Cardinal Versus Ordinal Numbers

In Spanish, numbers have gender and number, so we’ve included quite a few optional pages that go over the concepts. If your learners have already mastered cardinal and ordinal numbers, you can skip these pages or focus on other aspects of the pack, such as naming the days in the correct order. If you want to tackle the numbers, the learning objective is: learners identify cardinal and ordinal numbers and begin to differentiate and use them while learning the creation days.


Whether you need to differentiate for different ages and learning levels or need a single sheet for a group, there are three “levels” of worksheets included. All the sheets can be used with older, advanced students, but we also included simpler worksheet types so that this pack can be used with any learner with basic 1-7 number recognition and the ability to hold a pencil and draw a line.

The Whole World

Okay. We admit it. This is our favorite part of the pack. Put the world in your learners’ hands while they memorize and practice. Simply slide the creation days and pictures or words, depending upon the memorization or learning they’re targeting. Check out the pictures to see how cute and easy it is!

Variants and Language

Verily, verily I say unto thee: RVA-1909 is outdated. So, while we did include the full text because the original copy is in the public domain, you’ll notice some sections that explain things like el segundo día instead of el día segundo. We’ve also included some variant terms for the things that happened each creation day and worksheets to match the different versions.

Secondarily, the pictures here show the version that we colored ourselves, but there is also a color version that you can print if you need a more professional look or want to focus on the content in a bright way. The choice is yours!


Also Available in English!

Check out the English version here

Download the 7 Days of Creation Printable in Spanish



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