Snails, or caracoles, fascinate kids. Whether finding them in your garden or studying them in textbooks, kids love to mimic snails by moving really slowly, hiding in their “shells,” and pretending to munch on leaves. This Spanish Colors and Numbers Snails set is the perfect excuse to let students act out their learning.

Números y colores con caracoles gratis para imprimir

Learning Focus

  • Practicing Spanish numbers
  • Identifying Spanish colors
  • Tracing lines of increasing difficulty
  • Matching objects to objects in another location

Spanish Vocabulary

What’s Included

You’ll find four pages with increasing levels of difficulty. Directions start in English and end in Spanish. The beginning page focuses on identifying Spanish colors for true beginners while the last page is designed to increase number and color mastery for students with more advanced vocabularies or fluencies. However, even beginning students may be able to complete the final pages once they progress through the first two pages.

Ideas for Use

Have a student who always rushes through work? Or, perhaps, a student who slows lessons down by moving way too slowly? This Spanish Colors and Numbers Snails download is a perfect excuse to slow down the rushing student’s work to a snail’s pace, which encourages concentration and attention to detail, while allowing the cautious student a chance to complete a lesson at his or her own pace–criticism free!

And, don’t forget to get moving! If you can’t find an actual snail, ask kids to copy the snails in a video. This gives kids a chance to get some energy out while learning how to adjust energy and speed levels. After this lesson, kids may be ready to hear: «¡más despacio! Como un caracol . . .» (More slowly, like a snail . . .) At the very least, it’s worth a shot!

Have a kid who loves creepy, crawlies? You might also this free Spanish numbers caterpillar download.

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