I pulled out the marshmallows and this download, and it was like a moth to a flame. My toddler immediately wandered over and started counting. One marshmallow on the page, one in the mouth. But, hey! There was counting going on. So, I can safely say that if you use marshmallows with this free download (bottom of the page), counting will be delicious but maybe not so nutritious. Don’t have any marshmallows? Never fear! You can use virtually anything to have fun learning Spanish numbers with pumpkin pie; plus, we’ve updated this to include “paper” marshmallows that you can use if you prefer.

Learning Focus

  • Identifying Spanish numbers 1-10
  • Identifying numerals 1-10
  • Practicing correct letter formation
  • Counting with Spanish numbers 1-10
  • Developing and improving fine motor skills
  • Optional: Identifying English numbers 1-10
  • Optional: Acquiring and practicing target Spanish vocabulary

Spanish Vocabulary

This pack is designed to expand or contract depending upon student readiness and whether you are trying to work on one or two languages. There are no directions; however, the content is easy to decipher from pictures and labels so that you can work through the pack even if you don’t speak Spanish.

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of any of the words, check out the free pronunciation videos on SpanishDict.com. For example, here is a video for cuchara, which is Spanish for spoon. Looking for another word? Simply type the word into the search bar on that link, and you’ll usually find a pronunciation video. Below you’ll find the complete list of vocabulary covered in this pack:

  • Spanish numbers 1-10: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez
  • (Optional) Spanish utensils and related: calabaza, cuchara, cuchillo, pastel, pay, pedeazo, plato, tarta, tenedor, trozo, nube, malvavisco, esponjita
  • (Optional) English numbers 1-10: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Using marshmallows to count in Spanish

What’s Included

The core of this download is pie. You’re welcome. ☺ No, really, the core is a series of pumpkin pie plates with traceable Spanish numbers and numerals. Optionally, you can add other activities including some that cover key utensils vocabulary and even English numbers 1-10.

Spanish Numbers

Here we cover and work extensively with Spanish numbers 1-10. The practice is both implicit and explicit so that kids don’t get bored but still cycle through the numbers several times.

Spanish Vocabulary for the Table

Kids are pretty simple. Give them a plate, and they’re off to the races. Eventually, though, you may want them to learn the Spanish words for fork, spoon, and so on. While this pack doesn’t cover a full place setting, it does cover the basics, including placing the fork on the left and the spoon and knife on the right. Although, with little ones, you’re more likely to find them on the floor.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

Another goal with this pack is to improve pincer skills, tracing, and, optionally, manipulation of paper utensils. One day those little ones will finally, finally be able to pick up their own utensils from the floor–or, at least when they’ve mastered the utensils in this pack, you’ll have proof that they can even if they don’t want to.

Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

If you have fun with this free pumpkin pie Spanish numbers download, tried something new with it, or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below. Here are some ideas for this free download:

Practice Setting the “Table”

Maybe you have delicate floors. Or dishes that you don’t want broken. Here you can let kids practice setting the “table” and locating where utensils should go without worrying about sibling sword-fights and broken dishes. Or, consider setting up a tea party or ninja pie meeting (seriously, whatever it takes) and having your little ones set the table while using the words they are learning.

Embrace the Pantry or the Gross

We used marshmallows, but I plan to pull out some gummy worms to grab the attention of some kindergarten students who love anything gross or odd. So, if you don’t have or want to use real food, you could also use erasers, rocks, stickers, candy–virtually anything! If you want to re-use the plate pages, you can also laminate the pages or put them in low-cost sheet protectors and use dry-erase markers.

Add English Numbers À-la-Mode

We’ve included English numbers as ice creams scoops–not everyone likes a scoop of ice cream with her pie, and you may or may not want or need the English numbers. But just in case, we wanted to make sure to include them. The pie makes a great “pointer,” and you can even do skip-counting in English with the ice cream scoop page!

Rope a Relative

If you’re super busy, and who isn’t, I think the holidays or just having someone over for pie is a great time to let your kids run through this fun activity with a friend or relative. Treating learning as a game or just experiencing another person’s teaching style helps kids prepare for a big world. Or, at the very least, another person can enjoy the hyper energy of a sugared-up kid. It’s for a worthy learning cause, right?

Also Available in English

Utensils and counting mat from numbers and counting pie printable
La versión en inglés

Looking for something else? On Team Pecan Pie Instead?

It’s the topping on the pie to hear from you and read your comments (below). Tell us anything–like how you really feel about pumpkin pie. Are you Team Pecan? Team Cake?

Looking for more numbers practice or bigger numbers? Check out more free downloads and printables here. Looking for numbers in Spanish?

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