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Libro de días de la semana para imprimir gratis
Activities, Animals

Days of the Week Animal Book

Updated for 2021! Stuck at home? Sick kids? Extended school break or long weekend? Are your kids bouncing off the walls but can’t go outside? Need an independent learning activity that is adaptable to virtually any age group? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Spanish Days […]

Find the Letters in My Name
Alphabet and Letters

Letters in My Name / Letras de mi nombre

A simple sheet designed for quiet or individual learning, students are asked to identify their names and then find the letters that spell their names. «¿puedo encontrar las letras de mi nombre?» This sheet is especially useful for beginning learners. It also works well in learning environments where students need […]

Find and Circle Spanish Numbers 0-10

Find and Circle Spanish Numbers

No matter the language level, practicing numbers is a fantastic way to get a refresher, maintain thinking in a target language, or simply have a little fun while learning. This set of find-and-circle pages focuses on beginning numbers 0-10. Each page is designed to print in low-ink mode and to […]