Oye. Such a useful word. This “Oye, Clase” Simple Spanish Call-Outs exercise is designed as a call-out activity, but it can also be used by any student who needs practice with days of the week, the verb ser, and dates.

Oye, Clase Spanish Call-Out Activity

What’s Included

This download includes three pages. The first page is intended for answers where lots of space is required, as might be best for elementary students. Page two contains three boxes and is optimized for one-off activities, as it can be cut into threes, saving ink and paper. Page three works in much the same way, or you can also use it as a longer-term, one-page activity where each student uses the same copy for a number of days.

Ideas for Use

Spanish Call-Outs

One way to use this activity is to have students listen to one speaker who calls the questions out. Students then have a certain amount of time to speak and/or write their responses. As an example, a speaker might call out: “¿ayer fue? And, students might then respond, “Lunes.” In class settings, students will probably get a kick out of hearing their friends’ varied responses, but students who are unsure will have the opportunity to hear the correct answer, gaining confidence. If the activity progresses or is repeated on succeeding days, instructors who began with verbal responses might opt for only written responses so that students progress in their spelling and memorization.

Individual Practice

The third page of this download is especially useful for individual practice, where a student might complete one-box-per-day in order to practice the verb ser and moving back and forth between days (i.e., yesterday, today, tomorrow).

Homework or In-Class Practice

Again, the third page is especially useful for a week-long assignment, whether as homework or in-class practice. With six boxes per page, students can potentially experience the sequential progression of time at a very individual level.

Oye Clase Call-Out Example
Page Three: Small Blocks
Paired or Student-Led Activity

Try this download as a paired or student-led speaking and listening activity. Have extroverted students? Students might, for example, form pairs and practice being the speaker then listener. Need more in-class speaking exercises? Ask kids to take turns being the speaker-of-the-day. Have kids who like to play “teacher?” Hand them a colored pen or pencil and let them “grade” someone else’s responses. Have more advanced students? Ask them to take turns finding the question an answer corresponds to (e.g., Student One: “¿viernes?” Student Two: “Mañana es.”).

Not Ready for Sentirse?

If students are not ready to work with adjectives or the verb sentir, they might enjoy drawing their own “emojis” in response to “Me siento . . . ” Or, if they need additional letter and name practice, they might enjoy our free Find the Letters of My Name Spanish download.

Me siento example

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