Ice-cream cones. Macaroons. Flies? We’ve created this pack to take advantage of things many kids are fascinated by, so you’ll find mazes, treat vocabulary, and flying insects. The goal of these numbers mazes by tens (with a page of hundreds) is to help kids practice or review numbers the way you teach and they learn. This is an English-language pack; if you’re interested in the Spanish version, you can find it here.

Learning Focus

Research suggests that mazes are fantastic for students. They develop problem-solving, fine-motor, memory, and visual acuity skills. In this pack, we focus on:

  • Numbers 1-100
  • “Sweets” Vocabulary
  • Spelling Numbers
  • Visualizing Number Construction Patterns (words and numerals)

What’s Included

In these numbers mazes, you’ll find eleven pages of mazes “by tens” plus vocabulary pages. The vocabulary pages focus on English numbers and numerals and “treat” vocabulary. Need something simpler? Try our free Grow-With-Me Numbers Fishbowl or our free, preschool-friendly Snails Numbers activity.

Ideas for Use

Morning baskets, learning stations, weekly review sheets, and so much more–you’ll love these flexible sheets that work for more than just young students. Developing-readers and English Language Learners (ESL/ELL) can also benefit from the “words” version where learners fly through numbers as words instead of numerals.

To use these year-after-year or class-after-class, you can laminate them or place them in clear sheet protectors with dry erase markers. And, if you’re feeling up for group fun, try using these for number races or for creative “fly pattern” lines (which develop amazing fine-motor and pre-writing skills).

Also Available in Spanish (Picture)

Download Your Free English Mazes Below

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