Flies are pesky little creatures, and yet, to kids, they are fascinating. In this download, students are invited to help las moscas (flies) get through the number mazes to the treats–from galletas (cookies) to helados (ice creams), students will enjoy passive vocabulary while on their Spanish numbers mazes adventures.

Spanish Numbers Mazes

Learning Focus

According to some occupational therapists and even neuroscientists, mazes are fantastic for students. They help learners develop problem-solving, fine motor, memory, and visual acuity skills. Plus, with these mazes, learners improve not only these skills but also work on the following things in Spanish:

  • Numbers 1-100
  • “Sweets” Vocabulary
  • Spelling Numbers
  • Visualizing Spanish Number Construction Patterns

What’s Included

In these Spanish numbers mazes, you’ll find eleven numbers mazes in increments of ten: 1-10, 11-20, etc. Plus, you’ll find two vocabulary pages: one with the English vocabulary and one with Spanish. The vocabulary pages focus on the treats the flies are after, namely treats kids and adults alike enjoy. Need something simpler first? Try our free Grow-With-Me Numbers Fishbowl or our free, preschool-friendly Snails Numbers activity.

Ideas for Use

These mazes are ideal for individual learning and quiet learning stations. Students can pull-and-go, or they can approach the numbers incrementally as they learn.

To extend the pages’ use, you can laminate them or place them in clear sheet protectors. Then you can use them with dry erase markers. Younger students can trace the letters of the spelled-out numbers as they go, or they can practice drawing lines. They might even enjoy making “fly pattern” lines as the flies journey through the mazes.

Also Available in English (Picture)

Download Your Spanish Printable Below

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