Name tags! Whether you are starting the first day of school, or hosting a club or theme party, or just out of the building for the day, they are a must-have. Spanish name tags are difficult to find, but below you will find a free, downloadable PDF for your special occasion.

Printable Spanish Name tags

Using Name Tags for Learning

Comparing Greetings and Salutations

“Mi nombre es . . .” is just the beginning. Students and new language-learners can be introduced to different greetings and salutations in an open-ended fashion. With only a few minutes, “Mi nombre es . . . ” may be sufficient. But, in more detailed lessons or activities, the sky is the limit. “Me llamo.” “¡Buenos días!” “Tu nombre es . . . “

No matter the time frame or detail level, having name tags allows everyone to focus on the conversation at hand instead of trying to remember new names.


In the below file, you will find four categories of colors.

  1. Non-color Printing
  2. Primary Colors
  3. Neon Colors
  4. Pastel Colors

For new language-learners, simple questions like “¿Es rojo?” are quickly learned and practiced. For more advanced students, such as those at the Spanish II level, “Mi color favorito es . . .” might be a fun review or stretching activity.

Utilizing the different color options at any learning level can help students practice ideas like “claro/a” and “oscuro/a” or even learn verbal approximating skills, such as “Es un color semejante a un melón” when they lack terms like “neon green.”

Introduction to Spanish Punctuation and Style

Like their counterparts in other languages, the tags in the below file lack punctuation. Learners can add their own punctuation, explore stylistic and design choices, or investigate Spanish punctuation for the first time.

For Substitute Teachers and Guest Speakers

Keeping a supply of name tags is invaluable for substitute teachers and guest speakers. See below for ideas on how to print and reuse them to save time and print budgets.

Ideas for Quick Assembly


Laminate, poke holes, and string on twine or string. Don’t have a laminator? Try an inexpensive roll of clear shelf liner.

Colored Paper and Markers

Don’t have a color printer or prefer not to use lots of ink? Try printing in econ mode or in black-and-white only, then mounting the name tags to colorful paper, attaching to pins, or taping. Colorful Sharpies add a splash of personality even when your printer is low on ink.

Inexpensive name tag hanging options
Low-Cost Name Tag Options
Tape to Desks

Whether you print in color or prefer low-quality copies, using regular packing tape to adhere these name tags to a desk, cup, table, pencil box, etc. creates an instant dry-erase board. Being able to erase and reuse the tag is perfect for teachers with lots of classes and low print budgets–especially during the first days of school when names are tough to remember.

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Download Your Free Spanish Name Tags Below

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