Did you know that “K,” even though it is an official part of the Spanish alphabet, only exists in Spanish in loan words? Can you think of any that Spanish might have borrowed? “K” is also one of those letters that can be difficult for children to grasp and write. Help learners have fun with borrowed Spanish “K” vocabulary and leader formation with this free Spanish letter K worksheet.


The “official” name of the Spanish “K” is «la ka». It is generally pronounced “kah or “ka.” As in most languages, the exact sound varies by location and dialect.

However, since phonetic alphabets differ wildly or are difficult to understand, the easiest way to learn to pronounce «la ka» is to hear it over and over and to practice. Try one of these two videos to hear and practice the sound.

Learning Focus

  • Forming capital “K”
  • Forming lowercase “K”
  • Identifying capital “K”
  • Identifying lowercase “K”
  • Familiarization with “K” vocabulary and a common infinitive

Spanish Vocabulary

  • colorea
  • infinitivo
  • kayak
  • kilometrar
  • koala
  • la ka / las kas
  • mayúsculas
  • minúsculas
  • nombre
  • traza

What’s Included

In this two-page printable, you’ll find preschool- and kindergarten-oriented activities involving «la ka». For example, formation of capital letters (mayúsculas) and lowercase letters (minúsculas) and introduction to “K” vocabulary. Because of the age group targeted, directions are scaffolded in English and Spanish or use English/Spanish cognates.

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Ideas for Use

Students in preschool or kindergarten will likely benefit most from this worksheet, but this free Spanish Letter K worksheet is great for any student who needs a little extra letter and Spanish vocabulary practice.

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