A simple sheet designed for quiet or individual learning, students are asked to identify their names and then find the letters that spell their names. «¿puedo encontrar las letras de mi nombre?»

las letras de mi nombre son

This sheet is especially useful for beginning learners. It also works well in learning environments where students need low-instruction pages and independent learning activities while the teacher, parent, or caregiver works with other students.

Have an unusual or Spanish-language name? No problem! This sheet includes two of every consonant, vowel, and special Spanish characters (like ñ and é).

Las letras de mi nombre son

To make learning more enticing for young and artistic students, consider asking students to color, paint, decorate, or even cut out the letters.

Need more letter or alphabet practice? Try our other alphabet and letter downloads.

Las letras de mi nombre en español

Una hoja (ficha) de ejercicios sencilla y gratuita. Los estudiantes buscan las letras de sus nombres. Pueden colorear, pintar, rodear, cortar . . . La página incluye dos de cada letra y vocal.

Puedes descargar más recursos gratuitos del alfabeto aquí.

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