Did you know that finding something, such as a hidden picture you know is in a puzzle, can release little bursts of dopamine into the brain? This may explain why many kids and adults love “I Spy” games and puzzles. Introducing the first in many I Spy printable puzzles. Here we focus on colors and numbers (0-5) with taxis, but in the future, we’ll introduce other vocabulary topics. Have something in mind that you need for your kids? Let us know in the comments or contact us here, and we’ll do our best!

Learning Focus

  • Reviewing or acquiring vocabulary
  • Developing or practicing visual discrimination of objects of differing sizes and colors
  • Using fine motor skills to circle or “x” objects
  • Counting
  • Working with more than one page as one task


I Spy may be one of the most universal games on the planet. After all, you don’t need much to play, and even young learners can join in. This fun pack mimics the “real-life” version so that you don’t have to waste time with complicated instructions or directions.

  • Numbers 0-5: numbers, zero, one, two three four, five
  • Colors: colors, yellow, orange, blue, white, gray/grey, purple, black, red, pink, green, brown
  • Taxi, taxis

What’s Included

This is a simple but effective pack, broken down as follows:

  • Handout: Colors
  • Handout: Numbers (0-5)
  • I spy taxi picture page
  • Worksheet: Color version of student answer sheet for I Spy page
  • Worksheet: Ink-saver version of student answer sheet for I Spy page
  • Answer Page

Using the I Spy Printable

While I Spy is a simple game, we know each learning situation is different, so we built-in some flexibility. If your learners are ready for numerals, there’s room in the answer boxes. If your learners can write fairly well and are ready to identify both colors and numbers, there’s room in the boxes to write full answers, too. We’ve also added a “teacher’s answers sheet” so you can save time. Unless you want to hunt the taxis, of course!

If you have many students, multiple classes, or just like to re-use printables, lamination, clear sheet protectors, which work great in binders, or even gallon-sized plastic bags are all options since you can then use dry-erase markers and store the pages for re-use.

Also Available in Spanish

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