It’s that time of the year again! Happy Valentine’s Day, and welcome to our first freebie roundup. The world sure has changed a lot in the last few years, so in this inaugural post, we decided to take a look at what’s out there for Valentine’s Day that’s free and low-stress. We’ll be covering free Valentine’s printables in English, Spanish, and bilingual, so feel free to skip around to the section that works best for your learning plans this year.


You’ve heard it said that there’s nothing really free in life. And, while it’s tempting to investigate that philosophical box of chocolates, suffice to say that some, but not all, of the freebies in this list may require you to create a free account or to give your email address in exchange for a freebie.

In the case of Teachers Pay Teachers and Made by Teachers in particular, there are literally thousands of freebies on the sites but you do have to create free accounts in order to access them. You’ll find some of those resources mixed in with others below.

As of the date of this post, we are not affiliated with any of the creators or websites that are linked, nor do we receive any affiliate compensation for linking or sharing them. Worded another way: The opinions are our own, and this is a list of freebies, so… Please note, however, that we cannot be responsible for the content or printables on others’ sites other than to say that we found them, thought they were awesome and/or used them, and hope they work great for you!

What are TPT and MBT?

Drowning in abbreviations yet? Never fear! These two are super easy and fairly ubiquitous in the printables world. TPT stands for Teachers Pay Teachers, and MBT is an abbreviation for Made by Teachers. They’re both giant aggregate sites where teachers, authors, artists, and others sell their printables and other materials, such as clipart. Think Etsy® for education. [Etsy has tons of fantastic educational printables, too, but as far as I know, none of them are free there.]

As mentioned above, both sites require you to create an account to access freebies or to buy resources, but there are so many free and low-cost resources on both sites that they are, at least in our opinion, definitely worth creating free user accounts.

You’ll find three categories of Valentine’s printables below: Spanish, English, and bilingual. We tried to find printables that will fit nearly any classroom and learning situation, but if you think something should be added, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Spanish – Free Valentine’s Printables

¿Cómo se dice? Find out here!

Did you know there’s more than one way to say Valentine’s Day in Spanish? If you’d like to know a few other ways, learn some new vocabulary, and download a free worksheet geared for early Spanish learners, you can check out our Valentine’s Day blog post here.

You may see the abbreviation CEFR below. CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference. Basically, it’s a European categorization system that helps people understand what level a text, worksheet, or other item is at. If you happen to be learning or teaching foreign language, CEFR is kind of like a rating system for content. If your students are beginners, you might look for A1-A2 materials; whereas, if you’re an advanced language student, you might look for teachers who can help you at the C1-C2 level.

We’ve included the CEFR levels just in case they’re useful to you. But we also clarified what the levels mean so that you can determine what might work for your situation without them.

Just for Fun

©Spanish School For Kids - Used with Permission
© Spanish School For Kids – Used with Permission

Learning language should be fun, and our friends at Spanish School for Kids have a freebie that hits the mark. Check out their free coloring pages that include love and friendship words for El Día de San Valentín. No login required, and the free pages download as a PDF. CEFR Level A1, so any age or learning level. You can see an example page in the picture and download them here.

If you like to decorate, Living La Vida Loca has an amazing DIY Valentine’s Heart Banner free to download and print. It’s absolutely adorable, and with a little guidance, even little learners could help assemble it. Older kids would have a blast doing it on their own. No login required, and the free pages download as a PDF. No CEFR rating, so any learning level. Check out the amazing pictures and download them here.

Did you know we have a Subscriber’s Library? It’s full of free exclusives just for people who subscribe to our newsletter. The pictured Spanish Valentine’s (tarjetas de San Valentín) were just added. They are CEFR Level A1, so they’re perfect for nearly any age or learner. These download as a PDF.

To access the free Subscriber’s Library, just put your email address in the subscriber’s box, and the password and link to the library will be sent to your email address. You can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime, and we’re so anti-spam that we don’t even ask for your name.



Primary Learning Fiesta has a cute three-part pack on TPT that includes a color-by-number sheet focused on Spanish colors, two pages of printable and colorable Valentine’s, and a cootie catcher. This download could definitely work for nearly any classroom, so CEFR Level A1 and beyond. Free TPT account required to download here.

Fun for Spanish Teachers has an engaging set of movement cards with a Valentine’s theme. In some cases, commands fall into the intermediate category, but with beautiful, printable cards that can reinforce context clues, these are definitely appropriate for any learning level. CEFR Level A1 with appropriate movement or context clues. No login required, and cards download as a PDF. Find them here.

We just posted a Spanish Valentine’s numbers puzzles pack that’s fun and flexible (pictured). It’s heart-themed and perfect for beginning Spanish-language class or for PK-1st learners. CEFR Level A1. No login required, and pack downloads as a PDF. Find the pack here.

Intermediate and Above

From Spanish Unicorn comes a Valentine’s-themed reading and native-speaker audio file all about El Día de San Valentín. Includes open-ended questions to answer. No log-in required, but speaker in audio file uses Castilian Spanish from Spain. Geared toward middle-school and above. CEFR Level B1-B2, meaning intermediate. Find it here.

Pagina del Español has a free Spanish conversation worksheet all about love. No log-in required. The worksheet downloads as a PDF. Geared toward high school and above. CEFR Level B2 or beyond, meaning upper-intermediate to advanced. Find it here.

Have high school students? Real Language Acquisition has an AP mini-lesson on TPT that includes a Día de San Valentín reading and a practice mini-test. Geared for high school students but could be used for CEFR Level C1 and above, meaning early-advanced and beyond. Requires a free TPT account to download, but can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format here.

Native Speakers or Spanish Immersion Schools

From Taliko comes an adorable all-Spanish writing pack geared for native speakers or young students in Spanish immersion programs. The three pages create a perfect small pack to display and send home with kids after Valentine’s and downloads as a PDF. For CEFR Level B1 and above, meaning intermediate and beyond. Free TPT account required to download here.

English – Free Valentine’s Printables

Just for Fun

Here’s an exclusive to our Subscriber’s Library. Did you know we have tons of other freebies there? The Subscriber’s Library is totally free, 24-7, for people who subscribe to our newsletter. We just added the pictured English-language valentines. They’re great for nearly any age or learner and also available in Spanish.

Not a subscriber yet? Just put your email address in the subscriber’s box, and you’ll receive the link and password to our no-spam Subscriber’s Library. We’re so into privacy and freedom that you can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime.


Here’s another fun one! Even kids and teenagers find quotes inspirational, and ELA with Miss A has a fantastic printable set of bookmarks focused on famous literary love and friendship quotes. You’ll need a free TPT account to download this PDF.

Preschool, Kindergarten, and Early First

These worksheet links come from Fun Classroom Creations on MBT: Valentine’s Missing Numbers (1-20); Candy Hearts Colors and Numbers Valentine’s Graph; Cupid’s Missing Alphabet Letters in lowercase and uppercase; simple Color the Candy Hearts; Look Sight Word Valentine’s sheet; Valentine’s Teddy Bear Roll-and-Write the Numbers; Candy Hearts Addition; and, Valentine’s Day Mini-Book. Click through to see if any would be a good, no-prep fit for you. Target age group is PK-early first, and you’ll need a free MBT account to download these PDFs.

This year we finally had a chance to do a heart-themed numbers pack in English that is both adorable and educational. It works for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade and also for EFL/ESL. Totally colorable and relatively low ink, this one is super flexible for classrooms and homeschool alike. No login required. Check it out here.


Do you Boom®? If so, Gneiss Corner has a freebie for the Boom Platform. This one is Valentine’s themed and designed to help learners practice telling time. The file with the Boom Cards’ link downloads as a PDF, so you’ll need a free MBT account, Adobe Acrobat Reader®, and a Boom Cards® account for this one. Geared for first-second grade.

You’ve Got This Math has a whole bunch of Valentine’s freebies that are both adorable and educational. Some PDFs require you submit an email address to download, but most of them are low or no-prep. Try the Expanded Form Game, Dividing Whole Numbers by Decimals, Adding Valentine’s Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Measuring Centimeters (no email address required); Multiplication as Repeated Addition; and Find the Mean, Median, and Mode.


Stephanie Elkowitz posted a fantastic freebie that’s Valentine’s related and geared for reading comprehension for EFL students or for native-English students grades fourth through ninth. The download includes multiple versions and an answer key, so it is very low prep! The title is “Dark vs. Milk Chocolate.” TPT account required; downloads as a PDF and as PPT slides. Find it here.

Tias Locas has a fun fill-in-the-blank worksheet that builds a humorous, Valentine’s-themed story. Perfect for intermediate EFL and for any student roughly third-through-seventh grade. Parts-of-speech focused and fun, this one downloads as a PDF. What kind of fun story will you create (here)?

Bilingual – Free Valentine’s Printables

Printable from VivaBilinguals
How adorable are these?!

Viva Bilinguals has a squee-adorable bilingual craft-ivity on TPT (pictured). You’ll need a free TPT account to download the PDF, but it’s totally worth it for this fun one. You can even expand this out to have students write their own sentences or make cards for their friends and families. You can also print just the English or Spanish pages if you don’t want the whole pack. For any age or language level. Check it out here and in the pictures.

OnlineFreeSpanish posted a bilingual Valentine’s Day vocabulary bingo on TPT that might be a great activity to do while kids are eating treats, taking turns passing out valentines, or learning new vocabulary. Will only work for small groups unless you don’t mind multiple students screaming BINGO at once. You may also want to call out the articles of the Spanish words for extra practice. CEFR Level A1 and beyond, so nearly any learner. Free TPT account required to download here.

Have a good addition to the list? Found something awesome? Get in touch!

If there’s another free Valentine’s printable that just has to be on this list, we’d love to hear about it! Use something here that worked amazing? Let us know. Want to have that deep philosophical discussion we mentioned above? We genuinely love hearing from you and reading your comments below.

We’re adding new English, Spanish, and bilingual printables all the time, so we hope to see you back soon. Thanks for visiting!

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