Adorableness alert! Rainbow Ten Frames in Spanish, free to download below. Whether you love printing beautiful cards that you can use over and over or have a crayon-wielding pack of students who prefer to create their own art, these cards are for you! Designed specifically for PK-1st students, you’ll find both color or black-and-white files below.

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

Ten-frames are all about early math skills. These free ten frames focus on Spanish numbers 1-10 and are designed to meet the following learning goals:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 1-10)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words uno-diez)
  • Letter formation practice for numbers words (i.e., uno-diez)
  • Fine-motor skills practice
  • “Ten”s visualization, which is a precursor to early math skills
  • Tally recognition, which aids with “five”s visualizations

What’s a Ten-Frame ?

Ten-Frames are boxes of ten where early learners work with and visualize numbers in groups that end at ten. Why ten? Ten implicitly introduces both addition and subtraction and expands to larger numbers logically.

Kids start with counting. Then, they add manipulatives. Next, they move beyond and start conceptualizing numbers in relation to ten.

For example, if you fill seven boxes, you can see that there are only three more to get to ten. Slightly older kids can make the next leap: 10-7 is 3 because there are three blank spaces left on the card. The key is to introduce and reinforce that there are ten blank spaces on each card.

Example of how to use a ten frame for addition and subtraction

While we used hearts above (included in the downloads), you can use virtually anything that will fit in the boxes–erasers, candy, toy parts, small figurines, clay balls. Whatever fits your learner(s)!

¿cómo se dice Ten Frame?

How do you say “ten frame” in Spanish? There are several ways:

  • Marco de diez
  • Cuadro de diez

And when you pluralize the terms, they appear as:

  • Marcos de diez
  • Cuadros de diez

Marco literally means “frame,” and cuadro means “square” or “box,” depending upon context.

Ways to Use

You can print-and-go with these ten frames. While the following are not the only ways you can use them, the cards are designed to be used in multiple ways and to grow with your preschool through first-grade learners:

  1. Flashcards, especially for beginning numeral and tally recognition
  2. Word/letter tracing, as the words for the numbers in Spanish utilize letter formation font
  3. Simple counting, with or without manipulatives
  4. Fine-motor skills practice with manipulatives
  5. Numbers races
  6. Visualizing “fives” and “tens”
  7. Early addition practice
  8. Early subtraction practice

If you think of another idea or want to share your favorite ten-frame experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or here.

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