Does it feel like 80,000 degrees where you live? Or, is it a weird or rainy summer there? Either way, we know you’ll love this free Spanish summer printable pack for preschool through first-grade students. With more than 25 pages of activities that target learning goals for PK-1st, this is one that works well indoors, outdoors, and even on the road. Vacay, anyone?

Learning Focus

  • Acquiring new Spanish summer vocabulary
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing Spanish numbers 0-9
  • Developing and improving fine motor skills, including tracing, cutting, gluing, etc.
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing the present-tense hacer construction
  • Completing a bar graph (count and fill)
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing the alphabet and individual letters with a specific focus on the letter P and related words
  • Practicing visual discrimination

Spanish Vocabulary

These summer Spanish printable activities for preschool through first grade are aimed at roughly kindergarten but can absolutely be used with PK students with a little help from a parent or teacher and with first graders as independent-learning or morning basket activities. There are two free versions to download below. One has all-Spanish directions, and the other uses bilingual/scaffolded instructions with added Spanish-to-English vocabulary pages for instructors and parents.

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of any of the words, check out the free pronunciation videos on Here is a video for verano, which is Spanish for summer. Looking for another word? Just type it in the search bar, and you’ll usually find a pronunciation video.

  • Summer Spanish vocabulary: sol, chancletas (chanclas, ojotas, chalas), castillo de arena, sombrilla (parasol, sombrilla de playa, paraguas), concha (concha marina, caracol, concha de mar, concha de playa), estrella de mar, pelota de playa (balón de playa), gota de agua, flor, paleta (paleta helada, polo helado, chupete helado), sirena (tritón), alga (alga marina), nube, ola(s), burbujas (pompas), pez/peces, gafas del sol (lentes del sol, anteojos del sol)
  • Spanish numbers 0-9: cero, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve; número(s)
  • Fine motor skills vocabulary and directions, such as: cortar, pegar, trazar, etc.
  • Spanish alphabet/letters: letra P, la pe, las pes
  • Spanish shapes: corazón, rectángulo, estrella, cuadro/cuadrado
  • Hacer with Spanish subject pronouns (e.g., yo hago, etc.)
  • Gráfica de barras
  • Hacer with related terms: viaje, maleta, comida, tiempo, buen/mal, calor, frío, sol

What’s Included

This summer Spanish printable is meant for black-and-white/colorless printing because nearly the entire download is colorable. Of course, coloring is optional, but we wanted to make it a possibility for kids who like to customize their work. Huge thank you to Creative Clips and P4 Clips for the amazing summer clipart!

Spanish Numbers

Why are numbers in most packs like this? Numbers are an inescapable part of life, so while it may seem like overkill, young kids can’t get enough practice seeing and working with numbers in all their forms. This is especially true in the transition between seeing numerals and then seeing numbers written as words. In this pack, learners work with Spanish numbers 0-9 in both implicit and explicit ways and as words and numerals.

Fun and Interchangeable Puzzles

Numbers are more than ink on a page. They are words, numerals, and abstract concepts that help us categorize and function in the world around us. Help learners conceptualize and manipulate numbers, numerals, and words with these fun interchangeable numbers (0-9) puzzles. If you happen to have very young learners who can’t pincer-grasp yet or learners who don’t have their numbers down yet, consider using uncut puzzles as flashcards first then cutting them to create puzzles.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

Kids love to manipulate, cut, color, trace, crumple–you name it. In this Spanish summer printable download, you’ll find lots of this type of motor skills practice, such as tracing, finishing patterns, cutting, lacing, and more.

Page from the Summer Spanish printable:  Pieces spell out "verano"
Rompecabezas divertido y educacional
Spanish Vocabulary for Summer

This Spanish printable pack for summer not only covers the basics, such as the term verano, but also stretches into important constructions using the Spanish verb hacer. We recommend completing this pack in more than one sitting, as learners retain information best when they can revisit what they’re learning in cycles.

Letter P in Spanish

Letter P is a great “gateway” letter for kids to form because mastering it is similar to mastering components of other letters, such as D, B, and R. We call it by its name to make sure kids learn not only its sound and formation.

Example page from Spanish Summer printable - "Fish" for the Letter P
Learners discern between the letter P and similar letters
Spanish Verb Hacer

Constructions with the Spanish verb hacer, which is generally translated as to do or to make but can be translated lots of other ways, are common in Spanish. That’s because hacer is one of the most commonly used Spanish verbs and is, at its base, used similarly to how it is used in other languages. For example, hacer will often be used for “making food,” “making the bed,” and even in constructions like, “She made him cry.”

Ideas, Tips, and Tricks for Spanish Summer Printable

Below we’ve outlined some ideas for this fun summer Spanish preschool activities pack. Drop us a line if you have an idea to share; we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below.

Choose All-Spanish or Bilingual

Even if your Spanish is rusty or you’re a novice, you’ve got this! There are two free downloadable versions below, one bilingual and one in Spanish. Your pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect. Dive right in!

Pacing and Reusing

Little learners have short attention spans, so consider spreading this printable out over a few days or a week. Learners acquire and retain language better when they move through vocabulary and lessons several times in small increments.

To reuse the pages, consider dry-erase markers and lamination, inexpensive sheet protectors like the ones that go in binders, or clear contact paper. This works especially well for classrooms and multiple students. Just write, swipe, and switch (or store and save for another learner, class, etc.).

Page from Spanish summer printable:  Connect personal pronoun fish with the correct conjugation of the verb HACER
HACER practice with shapes as hints for true beginners
Head Outside

If you’re like me, you like the idea of summer but maybe not the need for sunscreen or the full-body sheen you get if you live in a humid area. But, getting outside is fantastic for hands-on learning and allowing young kids to run off energy while learning. Consider hiding the pieces of the numbers puzzles in some safe location. Play “I spy” with the summer vocabulary. Or, use real objects to take counting to a new level. The options and learning opportunities are almost as limitless as the bright summer sky.

Versión corta en español

Actividades para verano

Este imprimible gratuito contiene más de 25 páginas de actividades para practicar habilidades importantes (nivel preescolar, kínder o primer grado) y aprender, por ejemplo:

  • El vocabulario de verano
  • Los números 0-9
  • Las habilidades motoras finas
  • La letra P
  • Las formas
  • El verbo hacer

Coming Soon in English!

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