Whether you’re encouraging reading with preschool students or wanting to track your own reading, you’ll find a free Spanish reading log for you. One is meant to be colored or filled in as you go–namely for tracking the number of books read as opposed to titles. And two can be printed as they are or filled and saved digitally in PDF form.

Spanish Vocabulary

Normally we’d include a long list of vocabulary words covered, but in this set of downloads, there are just two different phrases:

  • Registro de lectura
  • Mis lecturas

Lectura essentially means reading. So, registro de lectura translates roughly to “reading list,” and mis lecturas roughly translates to “my readings.”

Reading Logs

Obviously we don’t have to tell you how important reading is. But, in case you love data, you can deep-dive into some reading statistics on Statista. With kids, in particular, having a visual learning goal, sheet, or list can improve willingness to learn and/or to work consistently toward something, as even kids aren’t immune to wanting to check-off or color things to complete a list.

To download one of the reading logs free, click the corresponding picture below.

Colorable Spanish Reading Log

This reading log is designed for any age but works especially well for young readers who aren’t necessarily ready to record the titles of the books they have read. As a bonus, the PDF file has a space on the “top shelf” where you can type the learner’s name if you want. Or, if the reader is able, he or she can record it there after printing.

Fillable Spanish Reading Log #1

Whether you print this or use it digitally, this one is completely fillable. It only has five areas to record titles (plus one space for the reader’s name) so that you have lots of flexibility. For example, you can use it with young students who don’t read many books and need lots of room to record titles. Or, you can use it with students who struggle to achieve reading goals and therefore need a non-overwhelming short-term goal. It also works well for display, as students can see each other’s and their own progress, or for reading goals in defined periods, such as during summer, semesters, grading periods, and so on.

Fillable Spanish Reading Log #2

This Spanish reading log is both fillable and colorable with lots of room for you to record books. Whether you have a heavy reader or just need more space for longer-term goals, this one is for you.

Tell Us What You’re Reading

We absolutely love to hear what you’re reading and how these reading logs work in your learning situation. Leave us a comment below or get in touch with us. Hearing from this learning community makes our day!

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