Did you know that wherever you are, it’s technically the opposite season somewhere on the globe? No matter which season you find yourself in, we have a Spanish numbers puzzle for you. This set has a spring or primavera theme, but scroll to the bottom for other seasons. As a bonus, all these puzzles are colorable, including this Spanish numbers puzzle for spring, so you can also send them home with students, use them at home, and more.

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

The spring puzzles focus on Spanish numbers 0-10. Our learning goals are:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 0-10)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words cero-diez)
  • Number recognition as objects (i.e., mariquitas/catarinas/chinitas)
  • Gross-motor skills practice with large puzzles
  • Simple puzzle shape recognition
  • Fine-motor skills practice with cut puzzle pieces
  • (Optional) Cutting practice
  • (Optional) Coloring practice

Ways to Use the Spanish Numbers Puzzles for Spring

Other than the need to avoid spring pollen, puzzles offer lots of versatility for both indoor and outdoor learning. Plus, many kids are fascinated by and love to talk about insects, so these will fit right in with some of the existing themes you explore at home or in the classroom.

To extend the life of these puzzles, consider lamination, clear contact paper, or even clear packing tape. All these options also allow you to use and erase dry-erase markers for letter formation or temporary coloring.

Shows different ways to use the spring puzzles
Different Ways to Use the Puzzles

The pieces of the spring Spanish numbers puzzles can be used as wholes or flaschards. With older or more advanced students, you can break the puzzles into two pieces for a word-to-numerals matching or numerals/word-to-objects matching set. For even more practice, try breaking the puzzles into threes.

Los números printout

If you’re looking for more puzzles, you can find some here and even some self-correcting ones on our Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Looking for something specific for your learning journey? We love to hear from you about your learning and printable needs or to just chat about your favorite season (estación).

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Download Your Spring Spanish Numbers Puzzles Below

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