A puzzle for every season…And what season offers more wonder about the future than back-to-school? Whether your learners are at home or happily working in a classroom, puzzles are an approachable way to learn something new or to refresh learning so that it’s not lost. Plus, when the brisk weather pushes you inside, educational puzzles are great for taking energy levels down a few notches. These Spanish numbers puzzles for fall are designed for PK-1st (preschool through first grade) but can actually be used with nearly any age, including teenagers. As a bonus, these puzzles are colorable, so you can also send them home with students, too!

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

The fall puzzles focus on Spanish numbers 0-9. Our learning goals are:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 0-9)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words cero-nueve)
  • Number recognition as objects (i.e., apples/manzanas)
  • Gross-motor skills practice with large puzzles
  • Simple puzzle shape recognition
  • Fine-motor skills practice with cut puzzle pieces
  • (Optional) Cutting practice
  • (Optional) Coloring practice

Ways to Use the Spanish Numbers Puzzles for Fall

Other than avoiding fall breezes, puzzles offer so much versatility for both indoor and outdoor learning. Plus, many classrooms have curriculum involving apples, so parents might enjoy seeing these puzzles come home. What parent doesn’t struggle with getting her kid to talk about the school day?

Another idea is to use actual apple pieces or apple seeds to practice what has been learned and have a nutritious snack. Needing to hold still to snack gradually slows kids’ tempos and allows focus.

Note, though, that you might considering lamination, clear contact paper, or even clear packing tape if you’re going to use the puzzles at snack time.

The pieces of the fall Spanish numbers puzzles can be used as whole-groupings or flaschards. If your learners are older or more advanced, you can break the puzzles into two pieces in order to focus on matching Spanish numbers words (e.g., uno, dos, etc.) with their numerals. For even more practice, try breaking the puzzles into threes.

If you’re looking for more puzzles, you can find some here and even some self-correcting ones on our Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Looking for something specific for your learning journey? We love to hear from you about your learning and printable needs or to just chat about your favorite kinds of manzanas.

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Download Your Fall Spanish Numbers Puzzles Below


  1. Our Spanish classes have been lengthened to 60 minutes, once per week. I have been talking to our classroom teachers for ideas. I had all kinds of things I wanted to create and then I found your site. You have done the work for me! You will change how I am able to instruct with additional enrichment centers. You are so generous to share all this work. ¡Mil gracias y un abrazo!

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. It truly makes my heart so happy to hear that these will save you time or allow you to expand into enrichment centers. If there is something that you think be helpful in the future, please come back and let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas and especially for ways to save teachers and parents time so that they can do the important things we all need to do. Wishing you and your students all the best!

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