They’re finally here! Free Spanish Numbers Practice Worksheets geared for PK through 1st grade students. Need number formation practice? You got it! Need tied-in Spanish vocabulary? Check! Plus, we’ve also included translation pages so that you can use these pages even if you don’t speak or read a single word of Spanish!

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

These Spanish numbers worksheets are designed to meet the following learning goals:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 0-9)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words cero-nueve)
  • Number and letter formation practice
  • Spanish vocabulary improvement
  • Present-tense verb practice (es, hay, tengo, tienen)
  • Connection of numbers to other learning (e.g., Hay cinco océanos. / There are five oceans.)
  • Fine-motor skills practice

Ways to Use

These pages are basically no-prep since context clues and adorable clipart make everything fairly intuitive. But, just in case, there are also translation pages.

These worksheets are designed to print as two-sided pages (but, you don’t have to print them that way) with a standard format so that you can spread them out over a few days or over multiple lessons without having to review what you’re doing each time:

Huge thank you to clipart copyright owners: Few Good Things and Clipart that Cares

The pages include the numeral; the number in Spanish; a ten-frame where you can use anything you want to practice and visualize (my kid’s current favorite is anything unicorn-related) or you can just fill in or color the boxes to correspond to the number; numeral tracing and practice; find the correct numeral; hold up the correct numeral on your hand(s); number-word tracing; number-word practice; a space where each number is connected to real-life, cross-curricular learning; and a number line where kids can circle where they are and talk about where they were before and where they’re going next. (e.g., “Hoy tres. Mañana cuatro. / Today, three, tomorrow, four!” Or, Spanish to match whatever level they are at. It could be just the numbers).

Other Resources You May Like

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