Do you remember what happened each creation day? You’ll need to know to win this game. If you’re like me and you’re a bit rusty, consider starting first with the educational 7 Days of Creation pack in English or Spanish or you can use the cheat-sheet included in the below download. (The cheat-sheet has pictures, so it also works really well for pre-readers and the PK-1st crowd.) Religion not your thing? No hard feelings! We have oodles and oodles of free, non-religious printables in English and in Spanish/Bilingual.

What’s This Pack All About?

Whether you’re starting in Genesis or cycling to the beginning from, well, not the beginning, this is a prefect grab-and-go printable pack for your homeschool, Sunday school, synagogue, co-op, religious school, or even religious-focused ESL/ESOL classes. Check out the pictures and tips below to see how this download will work best for your learning environment.

Working with really little kids? This pack can be adapted for kids as young as three. Learning with or teaching adults? You can pick-and-choose which pages to print so that even older students get practice with memorization of the seven days of creation. I know I could use the refresher myself!

Shows front of 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game - Title attached to cover of file folder, examples of the playing cards, including some with pictures and some with numerals and text, and the included envelope to store the cards and game pieces. Text on envelope reads "creation game" and text on file folder reads "7 days of creation."

Learning Focus

  • Bible Part: Old Testament / Torah
  • Book: Genesis
  • Chapters and Verses: Genesis 1-2:3
  • Theme: Creation

The Nitty Gritty

  • Printable Type: Game – works great in file folders but they aren’t necessary
  • Available in:
    • Color and black-and-white
    • Simple (for non/early readers) and text-oriented
  • Appropriate ages: 3 to adult
  • Other languages: Spanish coming soon

How to Have Fun with the 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game

This pack is designed to be flexible so that you can use it with almost any age group. If you have another great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below. To get playing fast, check out the the quick-steps below.

Shows inside of the 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game - Circles in rainbow colors, four game pieces, playing cards, and two large circles with text "In the Beginning" (start) and "God Rested" (end).

Choose Your Adventure

If you have pre-readers, early-readers, or a crowd that’s visually oriented, the “simple” version is for you. If you have more advaned students or even adults who need fewer visual clues to gain true memorization mastery, the “advanced” download might be a great fit.

Follow the Super-Simple Directions

The directions are included. We tend to attach them to the back of the file folder so that they stay with the game or in case kids want to play by themselves. But, of course, that’s optional, especially since the game is so easy to play. Here’s how to quick-start:

  1. Optional: Assemble game folder.
  2. Youngest player takes a card.
  3. Player completes the task on the card. In the simple version, the task cards are pictures or simple numerals. In the advanced version, cards are textual. The player either moves according to the task cards or moves forward one space per correct answer.
  4. Next player takes a card.
  5. First player to the end (the Day of Rest) wins.

Store the Parts and Share It

We’ve included an assemblable envelope to help store the task cards and little game pieces. If you attach the envelope to the file folder (we like to attach it to the front or under one of the game boards), the pieces stay with the game easily. You can also attach the “cheat sheet” (pictured) to keep with the file folder 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game, too.

Shows optional envelope for the 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game and the four game pieces on the same page
Shows assembled 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game envelope with text "creation game" and "cheat sheet" that can be used optionally

Download the 7 Days of Creation File Folder Game

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