Languages and Translations

The short version: On the website, yes. On printables and resources? No way! So if you see an error in a resource, please let us know!

The long version: Pages and posts on this site are written either in English or Spanish and then machine-translated to the other language. You select your preferred language, and a “widget” called GTranslate translates.

Why machine-translation? More printables and resources! If we wrote every page and post twice, we wouldn’t be able to produce nearly as many free resources. We hope you won’t mind the trade-off. Printables and resources are never machine translated, though.


Every printer is different, but most printers have the ability to print only the pages you want. Click “print,” then look for “Settings.” There are usually two helpful printing features here:

  1. A print-options drop-down menu
  2. A box to type your page preferences

Either select a preset option from the drop-down menu (e.g., “Print Current Page Only”), or in the “Print Pages” box, type one of the following options:

  • The page number of the single page you want to print (e.g., 5)
  • A range for multiple, chronological pages (e.g., 5-8)
  • A combination, such as a single page and a range, separated by a comma (e.g., 1, 5-8)
For specifics, please check your printer’s manual or your software program’s help section.

For ink-intense color print jobs, usually reserved for items you plan to keep and use for a long time or laminate, consider using an online print-on-demand service, such as Staple’s or Office Depot’s.

To save ink on a personal printer, look for “econ modes,” which vary from printer to printer but are often referred to as:

  • Draft Mode
  • Grayscale Print
  • Black-and-white Only Print
  • Econ Mode
  • Reduced DPI (i.e., Dots Per Inch), meaning reduced picture and line quality

These settings are usually found by:

  • Clicking “Print,” then navigating to “Printer Properties”
  • Navigating to your computer’s Control Panel, looking for “Hardware and Sound” and then “Devices and Printers”

Many people find it helpful and cost effective to save preset settings for the different types of print jobs they use often (e.g., “Econ Print,” “Color Print,” “Picture Print, “etc.”>. Check your printer’s manual or help options to see if your printer can do this.

While every double-sided document is designed to align when printed, some printer and software settings can negatively affect print alignment. Look under your printer’s settings, which can often be accessed from the software program you are using, for two of the most common ways to fix misaligned printed documents:

  • Toggle between “Print on Both Sides: Flip Page on Long Edge” and “Print on Both Sides: Flip Page on Short Edge”
  • Select the “Scale to Fit” or “Fit to Print” option
  • Clean your printer’s flipping and printing mechanisms (see manual for details)
  • Manually flip the print job, instead of relying on automatic double-sided printing

Please check “Scale to Fit” or “Fit to Print” in your printer or software program’s settings.

Please ensure that your Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) is up-to-date. If you are a MAC user, using Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of MAC’s default program often solves common printing problems.

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