It’s fall here, which means it’s time to have fun learning seasonal Spanish vocabulary. This printable Fall Spanish Preschool Activities freebie is filled with more than 30 kid-tested activity pages designed for preschool and kindergarten learners–whether they prefer to spend their fall days inside or out. Let’s go!

Fall Spanish Preschool Pack Activities Pack

Learning Focus

  • Acquiring new Spanish fall vocabulary
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing Spanish numbers 1-10
  • Developing and improving fine motor skills, including tracing, cutting, gluing, etc.
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing Spanish colors
  • Introducing, practicing, and/or reviewing the alphabet and individual letters with a specific focus on the letter/vowel O

Spanish Vocabulary

These fall Spanish activities for preschool are designed to expand or contract depending upon student readiness. All directions are in Spanish, but you’ll find tons of vocabulary and an English translation section so that you can work through the pack even if you don’t speak Spanish at all!

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of any of the words, check out the free pronunciation videos on For example, here is a video for otoño, which is Spanish for fall or autumn. Looking for another word? Simply type the word into the search bar on that link, and you’ll usually find a pronunciation video.

  • Fall Spanish vocabulary: árbol, bellota, búho, calabaza/zapallo, hojas, rama, otoño, paraguas
  • Spanish numbers 1-10: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez
  • Fine motor skills vocabulary and directions, such as: cortar, pegar, trazar, grande, pequeño, tijeras, etc.
  • Spanish colors: amarillo, anaranjado/naranja, azul, morado/púrpura, rojo, verde
  • Spanish alphabet/letters: letra o, vocal o, minúsculas, mayúsculas

What’s Included

This fall Spanish preschool activities download includes both color and black-and-white pages. However, the color pages will print in black-and-white. There are five clarifying / translation pages for anyone who wants to work with the pack but doesn’t speak Spanish. And, there are more than thirty (30) pages of activities broken down into five important preschool and kindergarten categories.

Practice Fine Motor Skills and Spanish Colors
Practice Fine Motor Skills and Spanish Colors

Spanish Colors

Before learners can wax poetic about fall colors, they must first master primary colors. This pack focuses on the colors of the rainbow, so rojo, anaranjado / naranja, etc. Don’t have a color printer? Never fear! Most pages, including the color-focused ones, are designed to be used, at least in part, with black-and-white printing. And, both anaranjado and naranja, morado and púrpura are included.

Spanish Vocabulary for Fall

What are everyone’s favorite things about fall? Pumpkins? Leaves? Help learners practice important motor skills and autumn Spanish vocabulary at the same time. As a special note, the variant word for calabaza, zapallo, is included.

Spanish Numbers

Here we cover and work extensively with Spanish numbers 1-10. The practice is both implicit and explicit so that kids don’t get bored but still cycle through the numbers several times.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

In the Spanish fall preschool activity pack, you’ll find lots of important skills practice, such as tracing, finishing patterns, cutting, lacing, and more.

El rompecabezas — Fun Spanish Numbers Puzzle
Alphabet and Letters

Do you remember your ABCs song? There are lots of songs for remembering the pronunciation and names of the Spanish letters. As in English, there are some variances in pronunciation across the Spanish-speaking world, and some Spanish letters have different names depending upon location.

However, the name and sound variants are all understandable by most speakers, so unless you need to learn area-specific Spanish, pick pronunciation that works for you and your students or family or makes the most sense for your geographic location. (As one example, Spanish-learners in Europe might prefer Spain’s pronunciation, and those learning in the USA might prefer to focus on Latin American pronunciation and naming.)

Not sure where to start? Try a video from a character that many preschool students already know: ABCs in Spanish with Elmo! Or, do a quick search on YouTube, where you will find thousands of options.

Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Below we’ve outlined some ideas for this fun fall Spanish preschool activities pack. If you have a great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below.

English Translations and Explanations

Even if your Spanish is rusty or you’ve never spoken a word of Spanish, we have you covered! The last five pages of this download are dedicated to loosely translating and explaining each section, direction-by-direction, vocabulary-word-by-vocabulary-word. Your pronunciation doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t be afraid to dive right in!

Example English Explanation Page
Example English Explanation Page
Pacing and Reusing

You may find that this is a great pack to spread out over a few days or a week, as learners acquire and retain language better when they move through vocabulary and lessons several times in small increments.

To reuse the pages, consider dry-erase markers and lamination, inexpensive sheet protectors like the ones that go in binders, or clear contact paper. This works especially well for classrooms and multiple students. Just write, swipe, and switch (or store and save for another learner, class, etc.).

Head Outside

Do you see acorns outside? Fall leaves? Sticks, berries, dried corn, or even rocks? If so, consider taking this pack outside and enjoying any beautiful day you can find.

Acorns are falling here, so in the example pictures, you can see I added some spent toilet paper rolls. Now I can reuse the numbering cards with all the aforementioned materials or even inside on rainy days with things like popcorn, dried peas, and pom-poms.

Puzzle 1 or Puzzle 2?

We try to embed flexibility into the learning packs, so in the numbers section, we include pages that can be used for ordering or more like flashcards. However, as your students grow more confident, you can use the same sheets to cut and create rompecabezas de números — numbers puzzles!

Versión corta en español

Aquí llegó el otoño y ahora tenemos la oportunidad practicar el vocabulario de otoño. Este imprimible gratuito contiene más de 30 páginas de actividades para, además de divertirnos, practicar cinco cosas importantes (nivel preescolar o de kínder):

  • El vocabulario de otoño
  • Los números 1-10 en español
  • Las habilidades motoras finas
  • Los colores básicos en español
  • El alfabeto y las letras

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