Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t like dinosaurs? These free Spanish ten frames are the perfect tool for helping dinosaur-enamored kids in prekindergarten, kindergarten, or first grade to develop early numbers and math skills. They also include letter formation practice for added longevity and use. You can read more about the value of ten frames below.

Free Dinosaur Ten Frames in Spanish

Learning and Motor-Skills Goals

Ten-frames help learners develop early number and math skills. In particular, these ten frames are designed to meet the following learning goals:

  • Numeral recognition (numerals 1-10)
  • Spanish numbers recognition (words uno-diez)
  • Letter formation practice for numbers words (i.e., uno-diez)
  • Fine-motor skills practice
  • “Ten”s visualization, which is a precursor to early math skills

What’s a Ten-Frame ?

Ten-Frames are grids that help kids manipulate and visualize numbers in groups. Groups of five and ten are easiest to work with and introduce children to implicit addition and subtraction.

First, kids start with counting. Then, they add manipulable items. Using physical items, anything from paper to figurines, helps kids practice fine and gross motor skills. Plus, research indicates that there is a strong connection between activity and learning, especially in young kids.

Next, kids move beyond simple number recognition and start conceptualizing numbers in relation to five and ten. The below picture demonstrates how one filled card works to show kids numbers in multiple ways. For example, a filled card of ten can be a minimum of three math problems using groupings by five and ten. Nine is 5+4 or 10-1, and you only have to add one from nine to fill your grid of ten.

Example of how a ten frame can work to build early math skills
Clipart Copyright Our Monitos

While we used dinosaur “eggs” above (included in the download) as manipulatives, you can use anything that fits–small toys, candy, marshmallows, small figurines, rocks. Whatever fits your learners!

¿cómo se dice Ten Frame?

In Spanish, ten-frames are either marcos de diez or cuadros de diez. Marco literally means “frame,” and cuadro means “square” or “box,” depending upon context.

Ways to Use

These cards are designed to grow with your learners. Below you’ll find a typical learning pattern, but you can start or stop anywhere or even cycle back to help a learner who is struggling. For extra longevity, consider laminating the pages, using clear contact paper or shelf liner, or even using clear sheet protectors, which you can pick up very inexpensively.

  1. Flashcards, especially for beginning numeral recognition
  2. Simple counting, with or without manipulatives
  3. Fine-motor skills practice with manipulatives
  4. Numbers races and ordering
  5. Visualizing “fives” and “tens”
  6. Early addition practice
  7. Early subtraction practice
  8. Word/letter tracing and memorization (as the words for the numbers in Spanish utilize letter formation font)

If you think of another idea or want to share your favorite ten-frame experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below or drop us a line here.

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