Looking for a math or numbers activity that does more than just review? Stretch your students’ brains with a number puzzle that also introduces (or reviews) conjugations of the verb costar. This free ¿cuánto cuestan los juguetes? download is perfect for your math and puzzle lovers.

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Learning Focus

  • Identifying and writing Spanish numbers 0-25
  • Performing simple math equations in Spanish
  • Reading and understanding third-person conjugations of the verb costar

Vocabulary Included

  • Costar (cuesta / cuestan)
  • Números 0-25*
  • Osito(s) de peluche
  • Pelota(s) de fútbol
  • Tren(es)
  • Yoyó(s)

This lesson assumes basic knowledge of Spanish numbers or at least access to a dictionary or chart of numbers 0-25 in their Spanish forms.

What’s Included

This download includes instructions mostly in English. The Spanish-only version will be posted to the newsletter subscribers’ library soon.

Example pages from the ¿cuánto cuestan los juguetes? printable

Page one is a cover sheet. The next page provides answers to the puzzle and sample costar constructions for any person who wants to develop this into a mini-lesson. After all, you cannot answer ¿cuánto cuestan los juguetes? without the verb costar. On page three, you will find the main puzzle without any hints, and on page four, you will find the same puzzle with a built-in hint for learners who need one.

Ideas for Use

One idea is to use this activity for students who have been introduced to basic Spanish numbers but need a more challenging activity to stretch their learning. Another idea is to use this activity as a bridge between learning basic numbers and using more advanced concepts while conjugating the verb “costar.”

You might also consider using this page as a pull-out sheet for when students complete other work, have a substitute teacher (will not last the whole period), are at quiet learning centers, or just need to switch gears before turning to another topic or activity.

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