When spring has sprung, so, too, spring the bugs. Happily, you can turn what may seem like an annoying invasion into a fun learning opportunity. Fresh out of ideas? Try turning a rainy day into an inside insects day, or take advantage of beautiful weather and move your learning outside with this adorable Spanish numbers caterpillar.

Oruga de números gratis para imprimir

Learning Focus

  • Memorize and order numerals 0-10
  • Memorize and order Spanish numbers 0-10
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Compare singular versus plural objects in Spanish
  • Gain cutting practice

Spanish Vocabulary

  • cero
  • cinco
  • cuatro
  • diez
  • dos
  • nueve
  • numerals 0-10
  • ocho
  • oruga / orugas
  • seis
  • siete
  • tres
  • uno

What’s Included

This no-color, no-directions download is designed for maximum flexibility. The first page involves simple pictures and two vocabulary words: oruga and orugas. The second page includes two “number rulers” and two pre-built, easily colored caterpillars. The last two pages are filled with cuttable caterpillar parts that can be colored if desired and reconstructed. The caterpillar parts may also combine easily with the “number rulers” from the previous page.

Ideas for Use

You can use all the Spanish Numbers caterpillar pages with virtually any student. However, consider adapting the activities based on each child’s individual learning abilities and needs. The component parts allow for great flexibility.

Pre-Kindergarten / Preschool

Most PK students love to color, cut, and glue or tape. The pre-ordered caterpillars on page two are easy to cut, as are the rulers, which makes them a great option for younger students.

Example of Spanish numbers caterpillar and "ruler"

Students at this age may need help cutting out the caterpillar parts on pages three and four; however, once cut, the parts are fun to manipulate, glue, color, or tape. Plus, when laminated, these can be re-used over and over.

Break apart the Spanish numbers caterpillar for older learners
Kindergarten to Second
Compare the translations with the numbers "rulers"

By this age, many students’ fine-motor skills have developed to the point that they can manipulate and order all the objects in this pack. In that case, consider asking students to complete advanced tasks like ordering the caterpillar parts end-to-end, drilling with a partner, creating imaginative storyboards or pictures, and so on.

Other Students

Pairing older students or students of more advanced language and motor abilities with less advanced students creates opportunities for students to learn from each other while giving you a break to focus on other things.

Need some other ideas? Have a kid who loves creepy, crawly critters? Try our free Spanish colors and numbers snails.

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