Dunking Our Way to CVC Reading and Writing

Kid-tested and enthusiastically approved! Introducing a printable English-language CVC game using one of kids’ favorite things: cookies. This game focuses on the “-ut” word family, so words like but, cut, nut, etc. Learning Focus What Are CVC Words? CVC stands for “consonant-vowel-consonant.” CVCs are three-letter words that are often introduced […]

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Numbers and Counting Pie - Shows Number Five Mat

Pumpkin Pie Numbers and Counting for Holiday Fun

With the Spanish version of this printable, we used real marshmallows. Problem is, if I have marshmallows, I eat marshmallows. Happily, both versions have been updated to included manipulable marshmallows. Wohoo! Here’s to getting to the other side of the holidays being able to button my pants. This printable works […]

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