While this printable technically isn’t a puzzle, learners enjoy it like it is one. Is the creature a mammal? A bird? A fish? No matter which part of the animal kingdom, learners can’t wait to fill the blank spaces and show what they know. Bonus? They can learn or practice animal kingdom classification in Spanish! Looking for one in English? We’ll be uploading it soon!

Spanish Vocabulary Covered

The vocabulary in this pack is designed to be simple for beginning learners. Therefore, some of the creature statements may seem oversimplified. For example, technically not all fish live in water all of the time. But, for categorization’s sake and especially for maintaining language-acquisition focus, we state, “Viven en el agua.”

  • Aves: el cuervo, el flamenco, el gorrión, el tucán
  • Insectos: el escarabajo, la hormiga, la libélula, la mariposa
  • Mamíferos: el caballo, el conejo, el perro, la vaca
  • Peces: la anguila, la barracuda, el pez dorado, el pez vela
  • Verbs: beber, nacer, tener, vivir
Example of Animal Kingdom Classification Printable in Spanish
Thank you to Clipart That Cares!

Tips and Ideas

Below are some ideas for this fun printable pack. Have some others? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.


This is one of those packs that is pretty easy to laminate or save for reuse. If, like me, you don’t have a laminator, you can use clear contact paper (my favorite!) or even clear packing/moving tape. Of course, this is all optional, but if you plan to reuse the Spanish language animal kingdom classification printable and don’t want to laminate, another good option is to print on thicker paper, such as white card stock since this also increases longevity.

Getting Active

The printable can be used with nearly any age group, even teenagers. While they may pretend not to like “puzzles” and “baby stuff,” if you set this up as a race, you’ll be amazed at how face they change their tune. When working with any age group but young students especially, TPR™ (Total Physical Response) is a fun way to help students learn to classify and also hear and practice the vocabulary and language. Flap your wings with los aves or pretend to swim with los peces. Movement increases retention in all ages of learners!

For English Speakers/Bilingual

Need a translation or clarification? Not sure of some of the vocabulary? Add the second download below if you want to make this pack bilingual.

Also Available in English!

Click picture for English version

Download the Spanish Animal Classification Printable

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