In the beginning . . . were free printables! I started this blog with a heart for free printables and knowing that I wanted to eventually offer free Bible-related ones. But, oh, the rivers of legalese and red tape that had to be crossed. Happily, the day is finally here. So, we’re starting at the beginning with a free Genesis 7 days of creation printable. Religion not your thing? No hard feelings! We have oodles and oodles of free, non-religious printables in English and in Spanish/Bilingual.

What’s This Pack All About?

Whether you’re starting in Genesis or cycling to the beginning from, well, not the beginning, this is a prefect grab-and-go printable pack for your homeschool, Sunday school, synagogue, co-op, religious school, or even religious-focused ESL/ESOL classes. Check out the pictures and tips below to see how this download will work best for your learning environment.

Working with really little kids? This pack can be adapted for kids as young as three. Learning with or teaching adults? You can pick-and-choose which pages to print so that even older students get practice with memorization of the seven days of creation. I know I could use the refresher myself!

Learning Focus

  • Bible Part: Old Testament / Torah
  • Book: Genesis
  • Chapters and Verses: Genesis 1-2:3
  • Theme: Creation
  • Additional learning area: Cardinal versus ordinal numbers; days of the week

The Nitty Gritty

  • Number of Pages: 37
  • Available in: Color; black and white
  • Appropriate ages: 3 to adult
  • Other languages: Spanish
Shows example pages from the 7 days of creation printable and particularly the pages for the first day including Biblical text, worksheet, and manipulable blocks

Special Note

Y’all! We’re such a diverse group. My goal here was to design this pack to work no matter which day you celebrate Sabbath, worship, or a day of rest. There are alternative pages at the end of the download, so be sure to check those if the beginning pages don’t fit your tradition.

How to Use the Free Genesis 7 Days of Creation Printable

Below we’ve outlined some ideas for how to use this printable pack. Like we said above, it’s designed to be flexible so that you can use it with almost any age group. If you have another great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you or to read your comments below.

Shows example 7 days of creation printable worksheet page and possible ways to use including large and small manipulables that can be glued or pasted or omitted altogether

Introduction and Memorization of Creation Days

The core of this download is to help learners master the order and occurrences of the 7 days of creation. You’ll find a fast index to look up the verses, the actual verses in KJV (because it’s in the public domain), a worksheet for each day, and optional manipulable blocks.

Shows sample pages from the 7 days of creation printable - Page on left shows KJV text for Day 6; bottom page shows the Sixth Day worksheet page with manipulables for creation days; the top page shows alternative options for manipulables for worksheets

Optional: Cardinal Versus Ordinal Numbers

The cardinal versus ordinal pages may not be a good fit for all learning environments, but they work well for preschool to elementary and also for ELL/ESL. Learners identify cardinal and ordinal numbers and begin to differentiate and use them while learning the creation days.


There are three “levels” of worksheets here, all of which can be used with older students. However, we also included simpler worksheet types so that this pack can be used with any learner with basic 1-7 number recognition and the ability to hold a pencil and draw a line.

The Whole World

Memorization and demonstrating learning can be tricky, so we added a fun manipulable world where learners can slide the creation days and pictures or words, depending upon the memorization or learning they’re targeting. Check out the video to see an example way to use it.

Variants and Language

Verily, verily I say unto thee: KJV can be tough. So, we made sure to use simple versions in the 7 days of creation printable and then add variant terms at the end. There’s even a worksheet version for each set, so whether you go with the main section or the variant version, we’ve got you covered. After all, vegetation is more fun to say than plants.


Download the 7 Days of Creation Printable

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